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U.S. Patent Opinions & Evaluations

Eric E. Bensen

U.S. Patent Evaluations & Opinions.  From LexisNexis:

"U.S. Patent Opinions & Evaluations authored by Eric Bensen: Patent opinions and evaluations are used in virtually all endeavors involving United States patents, including litigation, prosecution, licensing, product design, product launch, evaluation for acquisition or disposition of intellectual property, bankruptcy, and U.S. securities issues. In U.S. Patent Opinions and Evaluations, Eric Bensen provides expert, up-to-date, practical advice and guidance on the four principle issues of patent opinions and evaluations: claim construction and claim scope, infringement, validity, and enforceability.

"Eric Bensen masterfully addresses the needs of the practicing attorney preparing a patent opinion, combining discussions and the framework of the current law with specific practice tips. He also provides clear, straight-forward guidance for non-patent professionals on the principles of U.S. patent law and the fundamentals of U.S. patent opinions and evaluations, allowing them to better understand and rely on them. U.S. Patent Opinions and Evaluations covers everything from general issues--including overviews of opinions, rules for preparing competent opinions, and waiver to nuts-and-bolts issues such as claim construction and claim scope, infringement, validity, and enforceability. The Practice Tips and the appendices provide further practical guidance by setting forth exemplary outlines of opinions and evaluations. A subject index enables quick and easy use of the book as a reference for specific topics.

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