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New York Intellectual Property Law

Eric E. Bensen

New York Intellectual Property Law is a two-volume treatise, is a comprehensive, but easy to use, guide to federal and state intellectual property law in New York. 

The first chapter provides coverage of copyright, trademark, patent and trade secret law (including the Defend Trade Secrets Act) with an emphasis on decisions from federal and state courts in New York, restrictive covenant law, intellectual property licensing, intellectual property recordation, security interests in intellectual property and antitrust principles pertinent to intellectual property. The second chapter provides coverage of intellectual property law specific to New York, such as New York law respecting protection for ideas, protections for rights of publicity and privacy, parallel imports, deceptive acts and practices and trademark dilution.

Also included are:

  • A checklist of federal and state statutes that govern or are potentially pertinent to intellectual property disputes.

  • New York statutes that govern or may impact intellectual property rights.

  • New York Codes, Rules and Regulations that concern intellectual property rights.

  • Federal Statutes respecting intellectual property, including a version of the current Patent Act that integrates pre-AIA provisions that still govern older patents.

  • Forms for intellectual property registration and application, licensing and litigation.

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