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Eric E. Bensen is an internationally recognized intellectual property law author, consultant and expert witness. He has advised clients throughout the United States as well as in Japan and Europe on intellectual property issues arising in litigation, licensing and transactional matters and has served as an expert witness on matters of intellectual property law.

He is the author or coauthor of six leading intellectual property treatises from Matthew Bender/LexisNexis:

Milgrim on Trade Secrets

Patent Law Perspectives

Milgrim on Licensing

Bensen on Patent Licensing Transactions 

U.S Patent Opinions & Evaluations

New York Intellectual Property Law

He is also the author of LexisNexis’ Patent Statements of Law, which provides comprehensive coverage of patent law principles using quotations from Supreme Court and the Federal Circuit organized in an easy to use format. 


His other works from Matthew Bender/LexisNexis as author or coauthor include:

Attorney's Dictionary of Patent Claims

Gray Markets: Prevention, Detection and Litigation

Intellectual Property in Bankruptcy

Bensen & Myers on Litigation Management 

He is also the United States Report for LexisNexis Australia Intellectual Property Reports.

Mr. Bensen can be reached at

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