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Patent Statements of Law

Eric E. Bensen

Patent Statements of Law is a singular tool for quickly identifying quotations that precisely state principles of patent law in a manner that is helpful to the drafter.  It is comprised of more than 6500 intuitively organized patent law quotations from more than 140 Supreme Court and 1675 Federal Circuit decisions each followed by a short parenthetical briefly identifying the technology involved, the procedural posture of the decision and the pertinent facts. For an illustrative excerpt of a set of quotations, go here.

Each of Patent Statements of Law's 60 chapters begins with an Overview that summarizes the key principles covered in the Chapter in a "black letter" style that serves as a helpful refresher for practitioners familiar with the topic and a particular helpful introduction for practitioners who may be new to the topic.  For an illustrative excerpt of an Overview, go here.

Each of Patent Statements of Law's 800+ subsections ends with Cross References to sections of leading patent treatises and other intellectual property works that provide additional information on the topic covered in the subsection. More than 5000 cross references are provided. For an illustrative set of Cross References, go here.

Patent Statements of Law is updated frequently and at any given time will typically include quotations from 90 or more decisions handed down in the preceding two years.  

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