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Gray Market: Prevention, Detection and Litigation

Eric E. Bensen

Gray Market: Prevention, Detection and LitigationFrom LexisNexis:

"In Gray Markets: Prevention, Detection and Litigation (2019 Edition), new author, Eric Bensen, provides comprehensive legal analysis of the unauthorized economy known as the gray market and offers a blueprint for attorneys and businesses to prevent, detect, and litigate gray market cases. After introducing readers to a variety of strategies to prevent a brand owner’s products from finding their way into unauthorized distribution channels, Bensen covers educational and contractual methods that communicate the importance of gray market abstinence, along with on-site security and modern tracking technologies, the use of private investigators, and even “dumpster dives”, while also examining the legal boundaries of gray market investigations. The 2019 Edition has been updated to include discussions on ink cartridges, song files and internet movie access, IP Licensing, the Tariff Act of 1930, inference with contracts with end users, as well as a new chapter on patent theories of liability."



  • A must-have, strategic guide for practitioners to detect and prevent gray market activity, as well as learn effective judicial remedies, legal theories and defenses in both criminal and civil proceedings.

  • The first comprehensive analysis of the business and law of the gray market."

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