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Milgrim on Licensing

Roger M. Milgrim & Eric E. Bensen

Milgrim on Licensing is a comprehensive guide to licensing transactions in every substantive area of intellectual property. It provides practical advice and guidance on drafting individual clauses as well as complete agreements. It devotes one entire volume to sample forms. The strategy behind using particular language when drafting an agreement is discussed, and the discussion of individual clauses contains citations for many key points. It examines complex or hybrid licenses that cover more than one aspect of IP in the same license. It also examines the role of bankruptcy when licensing agreements are involved. Invaluable to both licensor and licensee attorneys, it is the most comprehensive resource on the subject.

Key coverage includes:

  • Licensing characteristics of patents, trade secrets, trademarks and copyrights 

  • Licensing of multiple intellectual property 

  • Antitrust considerations 

  • The effects of NAFTA on licensing 

  • Drafting and sample contract clauses

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