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Patent Law Perspectives

Eric E. Bensen

Patent Law Perspectives is an authoritative 9-volume treatise, first published in 1970, has been thoroughly revised and updated to ensure that it continues to be a comprehensive, but easy to use, guide to patent law. Virtually every topic that may be of interest to the modern practitioner is covered in depth, but typically with an introduction that in simple terms identifies the core pertinent rules and key cases that guide practitioners and courts. 

Patent Law Perspectives begins with an overview chapter that is an excellent resource for a quick answer to many patent law questions as well as a road map to the remainder of the treatise. It then provides comprehensive coverage of:

  • Patent Eligibility

  • Inventorship

  • Application and Claim Forms

  • Priority and Prior Art

  • Anticipation 

  • Obviousness

  • Statutory Bars

  • The Adequate Disclosure Requirements

  • The Scope of Patent Protection

  • Claim Construction

  • Infringement

  • Defenses

  • Remedies

  • Jurisdiction and Venue

  • Post-Issuance Procedures including Inter Partes Reviews

  • Ownership and Assignment

  • Related Antitrust Principals 

and many other topics.

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